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Applicon Iceland has over 50 employees located in Borgartún 37 in Reykjavík.  We service various companies and municipalities in Iceland and abroad. We offer financial IT solutions and consultancy for banks, financial institutions, transport companies and the fishing industry. We also offer premium HR solutions for entities of various sizes and serve the energy sector in Iceland with specialized solutions.

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We have been working within the financial services industry since 1995 and all major banks and financial companies are among our customers.


Applicon services some of the biggest companies of the Icelandic fishing industry. We deliver premium customized financial and HR solutions to our clients.


We provide various solutions to Icelandic energy companies, e.g. invoicing, monitoring, human resource management and customer service.

HR Solutions

We provide premium HR and Payroll solution to governmental institutions, municipalities and private companies.

Applicon has been working within the financial industry since 1995

Some of the largest banks and financial services institutions in the Nordics are our customers. Our in-depth technical knowledge, coupled with industry experience enables us to provide successful implementations that we and our customers are proud of. Our commitment towards excellence reflects in the way our customers deliver their results to their owners.

SAP Solutions

Applicon services core banking solutions from SAP such as SAP BPO and SAP CML. We also develop and design custom solutions for our clients.

Applicon PeTra

Applicon PeTra is a compliance system for banks and financial institutions.

Applicon iBanking

Applicon iBanking is platform for modern online banking solutions. Built to fulfill demands on user experience, security and functionality of both banks and customers.


Applicon delivers premium customized financial and HR solutions to some the biggest companies of the Icelandic fishing industry

Iceland has one of the most modern and competitive seafood industries in the world, based on sustainable harvest and protection of the marine ecosystem. Marine products have historically been the country’s leading export items and the seafood industry remains the backbone of the economy. Responsible fisheries at the Icelandic fishing grounds are the prerequisite for the Icelandic fishing industry continuing being a solid part of the Icelandic economy and a principal pillar in Iceland’s exports.


Energy consumption in Iceland is mainly based on renewable energy sources

Over 90% of energy production in Iceland come from hydro and geothermal power. Applicon has served this market from the start. We provide energy companies with various solutions for invoicing, monitoring, human resource management, customer service and more.

Energy Solutions

Our energy invoicing system is designed and developed in collaboration with Iceland’s largest energy companies. It covers all invoicing, usage and is connected to a centralized database for energy usage.

Web Solutions

Our pages is a client service system built for energy companies to increase flow of information to and from household in Iceland. Users can get information about usage, invoicing and projections.

Mobile Solutions

Applicon has developed mobile solutions for energy companies that support and simplifies work processes in connection with meter reading and surveillance.


Human Resources can be easy with our simple, yet powerful solutions

Our Human Resources team has been providing large companies and municipalities with SAP based payroll and human resource management systems for years. The cost of licensing and implementing has though stopped many smaller entities from using our services. With Kjarni, our recently released cloud-based Payroll and HR system, that has changed. Kjarni is a system that can be used by entities of various types and sizes, everything from a restaurant with 15 employees to a city with 9.000 employees.


HR- and payroll solutions are of course part of the complete solution set of SAP. Suitable for large companies and organizations that already use SAP.


Kjarni is a comprehensive HR- and payroll solution; developed by Applicon for the Icelandic market. Suitable for any company or organization of any size, and does not require any prerequisite software.


SuccessFactors is a company based in the United States that offers an independent solution in HR. Suitable for larger companies with diverse employees.


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