Applicon is one of the largest independent SAP service partners in the Nordic

Our mission is to empower customers to gain leadership through flexible standardized business applications and intelligent consultancy. Applicon has a strong partner network with industry leading software vendors like SAP, Business Objects, Microsoft and Calypso. The partnership status is a result of extensive knowledge and successful projects in the respective areas.


Applicon has been working within the financial services industry since 1995. Some of the largest banks and financial services institutions in the Nordics are our customers.Our in-depth technical knowledge, coupled with industry experience enables us to provide successful implementations that we and our customers are proud of.


Applicon has a customer base of over 100 companies. Our clients vary from large international banks to small Icelandic municipalities. Our commitment towards our customers is though always the same and our goal is to provide the best possible service that will help our clients to flourish.


We have more than 100 skilled experts working towards our clients success. Applicon strives to be the best employer for consultants in our field of expertise. Our most important asset is the competent, experienced and motivated group of consultants, programmers and experts, as they are the key to bring outstanding value to our customers.


Our main offices are located in Reykjavík and Stockholm. We also have a employees working from Akureyri, Borgarnes and Neskaupsstaður.

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